Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LogYcode?

LogYcode is a cloud based B2B online platform that offers the most cost-effective match between exporters/ importers on one hand and air freight carriers on the other. It enables price comparison between the preferred carriers based on the customers’ choice of input and further can place the bookings with the carrier selected. Also, features like Airwaybills creation, online through the help of EDI and track their shipments end to end.

What are the pre-requisites of air freight forwarding that LogYcode covers?

All stages of an air freight forwarding process are digitally covered, like placing a query, referring to air freight published tariffs, book shipments, create Airwaybills, documents, track shipments live and generate invoices.

Can LogYcode be used to refer to Air Freight Tariffs and surcharges across India?

Yes. LogYcode offers its customers the convenience of referring to published tariffs and surcharges of air carriers from all major international airports across India, that is, from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Cochin and Kolkata.

Does LogYcode provide real-time and live competitive pricing comparisons of airlines across India?

Yes. LogYcode is the first online platform that offers the most competitive air cargo instant pricing comparisons for all destinations with options to book cargo instantly.

What all commodities sent by air cargo can be booked through LogYcode?

LogYcode can be used for fetching rates and booking all commodities that are permissible through air carriage, from any general cargo commodity to perishables, live animals, pharmaceuticals, odd-sized cargo and so on.

What are the freight related documents that can be prepared on LogYcode?

LogYcode embodies features like preparation of freight related documents like Master Airwaybill, House Airwaybill, Consolidation Manifests.

Are bill invoices available on the LogYcode portal for customers?

Yes. Bill invoices are generated on LogYcode customer portal soon after the execution of shipments

How can I track my cargo through LogYcode?

LogYcode provides the most significant feature of air cargo step-wise tracking right from the time of placing a query till delivery at the destination. The tracking system is completely automated thereby enabling 24 x 7 updates based on every stage-wise action. LogYcode also provides push notifications to its customers ensuring complete visibility of the cargo.

Is LogYcode available for logistics companies in other parts of the world?

Yes. LogYcode can be accessed by freight forwarders and customers globally.

Is LogYcode an offline or online software? Does the user need to download LogYcode on a computer system?

LogYcode is a cloud-based online software that can be accessed from any device connected to internet.

Can LogYcode be used simultaneously on multiple devices?

Yes. LogYcode can be used simultaneously on multiple devices using the same user credentials and the transactions and information remain synchronized in all devices.

Is LogYcode App available?

Yes. LogYcode Android App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

How user-friendly is LogYcode’s user interface?

LogYcode is developed using the latest cutting edge technology framework with the aim to provide a seamless and comfortable user experience, with easy navigation options and the most convenient user friendly interface.

How can I request for a demo of LogYcode?

A demo request to take you through the LogYcode software can be requested through our website or by sending us an e-mail on or by buzzing us on +91 9599205671. Our team shall be glad to take you through the benefits and convenience of sheer digital transformation.